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Pest Stop Wooden Mousetrap / Mouse Trap

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Not all mouse traps are the same. Ours is designed to hold the bait securely without stabbing you in the finger. The hinged treadle is a neat idea, because to access the bait, the mouse has to step right onto the treadle, and that activates the trap. The result is a really high "kill rate". Let's face it, no one likes the idea of cleaning out a mousetrap, washing it and using it again. But these are so cheap that you just chuck mouse and trap away at the same time. To set the trap, we recommend using peanut butter as bait. Place the trap against a wall, edge on, with the bait furthest from the wall. Don't be stingy with the traps, set a whole bunch of them anywhere you have found droppings or chewed up pieces of paper. Next morning, dump the traps with the mice, and keep repeating until the problem is gone away. These traps are powerful, so don't put them anywhere inquisitive little fingers (or paws) might want to see what happens if you touch the bait. Of course, these traps are best used as a part of your overall pest control system, which should really be based on our electronic repellers - but you probably knew that anyway.
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